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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Top 2 Things I've Learned About Blogging

1. Write about what you want to write about. I know that seems like a duh, but if you try to force a post or topic, it's pretty apparent. I write my blog so our family can look back on it in the future and remember what we were up to at a given point in time. So right now that means I post about pregnancy, toddler-hood, what we do on the weekends, my opinions on everything, and just whatever pops into my head. Usually it's not too deep (I personally prefer to keep those thoughts for real-life conversations), but it's also a way to keep family and friends up to date on our lives.

2. Schedule your posts. For me this means two things: 1) I try to keep a general routine to my posting so I don't sit down and go uhhhhh, what do I write about? I do pregnancy updates on Mondays, organizing challenges on Thursdays, my Friday Five (and sometimes Show Us Your Life), weekend updates on Sundays, and sometimes a Wordless Wednesday or Tuesday's List (maybe now Top 2 Tuesday instead?). I can still tailor each post to what I feel like writing, but it gives me a starting point. 2) I blog when I have time (i.e. when Avery's napping or when she's asleep for the night and Matt's not home), but it's not always ideal to publish five posts in one day. Enter post scheduling. I write as many posts as I feel inspired to write in my given amount of time and then schedule them to post later in the week. It keeps my posting more consistent while giving me the freedom to write when it's convenient, not because I feel like I have to.

I'm not a professional blogger (ha!) to say the least, so check out The Undomestic Momma's MckLinky for more tips!


Brianna said...

I do think its SO important to have a schedule of your posts.
It's SO important to plan, and write ahead.
I think it definitely shows:)



Beth McC. said...

Great tip and I learned to keep a schedule and it helps a ton!!

aprilmcgrew said...

I'm a horrible post planner. I throw myself in a rut faster than I can turn around when I do that. I think it goes back to my strong-willed behavior! Ha!

I am trying to schedule posts, though. I find myself going through "feast or famine" spells.

I love to write more than anything else. I love putting thoughts on paper (figuratively speaking). I started my blog with the initial intention to write exactly what I thought without caring who read it. Now, I find myself thrilled when I get people to look at it in a day. Ha! I'm such a sellout. ;)

fruitfulwords said...

Great ideas. I am just now working on an editorial calendar. I like the idea of having certain topics to write about each day. That would make it easier to know what to write about. So far I don't have such a schedule though.

I never thought about what I've learned about blogging.I will have to "steal" your title and then write my answers. ;)