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Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Five

1. I'm writing this post from our new laptop! We've been looking to get a new computer for awhile (our desktop is over 6 years old...), so after stalking the Dell Outlet online for awhile, we finally found one in our price range with the specs we wanted. It pays to be patient! It also pays to save up enough money in your savings account when you have two incomes so you can have a little cushion when you only have one.

2. How much TV time does/did your toddler get? I was such a great mom before I actually had a kid; I knew exactly how I would handle each hypothetical situation, allotted TV time included. Now that I live in reality, I'm having to figure out how much Elmo is okay before I cut the munchkin off. She loves to play (inside and outside) and read and talk and sing and all that stuff, but I'm pretty sure she'd sit on the couch (or, uh, in her wagon) and watch Elmo's World all day long if I let her. We usually keep it to a 30-45 minutes after naptime (although the first thing out of her mouth in the morning is, "Watch Elmo?" Haha!). I used to feel guilty about parking my child in front of a DVD, but honestly, I'm not too concerned anymore since she gets tons of conversational interaction during the day and is definitely not behind developmentally, but I'm just curious how other people handle the TV situation.

3. So if you've been watching the news at all, you've heard about all of the budget cuts going on in the education world. As a (former) teacher (and wife of a current one), I have opinions on the matter. Oh yes I do. But don't make any assumptions yet. Hopefully I'll find some time to write a separate post about the issue soon. Just wanted to throw that teaser out there so I'll have a little accountability to write something substantial in the near future.

4. Today we were planning on going to an old friend's house so she and I could do some sewing (and have adult conversation, haha) and Avery could play with her kiddos. And when I say "old friend," I'm talking back up to junior high (and high school) days. Gotta love Facebook for reconnecting people.  :) Anyway, Avery woke up with gunky eyes and a cough on top of the runny nose she's had all week, so we're postponing. I'm pretty bummed, but since we're already up and dressed, we'll use the morning to run some errands instead.

5. This weekend looks promising. We finally have a free Saturday, and if the weather cooperates it could be a very productive day. Think painting, yard work, cleaning, and car maintenance. Try not to be too jealous, and have a great weekend yourself!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

1. Yay for a new laptop. I think we need another one. The girls keep taking over ours. =p
2. We were so good with Melody. She didn't watch anything until she was 2. With Emily, she didn't watch anything until around 18 months or so, and then I had to get dinner on the table without her as my legwarmer, so there went the 2yo rule. We don't have a TV (by choice) so that helps a lot, or else they'd just sit there. They watch 1 hr each day - 1/2 hr in the morning when I get myself ready and use the bathroom, and 1/2 hr in the evening when I make dinner. They love Signing Time, Dora, Little Einsteins...all those "interactive" shows. For some reason, Melody does not really like movies.
3. Looking forward to your post.
4. We're supposed to go out to a party tomorrow but E has this terrible snotty nose. I can't tell if she has a cold, allergies, if it's from teething since she's feverish. Hope to get out of the house though. The weather has been horrible.
5. We're looking at some snow in the Bay Area. Not sure it will touch the ground, but it will definitely be chilly. Have a great one!