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Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Update

Matt was still home on his 4th snow day, so we "played" in the snow. Avery was hesitant to get out of the wagon, but she liked walking around for a few minutes before she had enough and was crying, "Up! Up!" (The pictures aren't great because we had to use an old camera since ours was "temporarily misplaced" for the weekend.)

After lunch and Avery's nap we went up to the church to take our stuff for Saturday's giveaway. We helped organize for a little while, but Avery just wanted to play with all the toys (go figure!).

That night we got to have a long-awaited cul-de-sac dinner at Whitney and Cody's with Brooke and Dave. I'm thankful that the bad roads allowed us all an evening at home so we could finally get together! We love our neighbors but our schedules are all so crazy that it's hard to find time to hang out even though we live right next to each other.

Ah, glorious sleep! We slept in before heading up to the church to help with the giveaway (think garage sale but everything's free). Since I was organizing clothes and most of the big stuff was already taken (meaning Matt was out of a job, ha), Matt took Avery over to my parents' house to take a nap (they live closer to the church than we do). The giveaway went so well. I'm totally proud of my mom for organizing the whole thing; the church collected a ridiculous amount of clothes and household items (most of which was in really good condition), and many in the community were able to come and get things they needed.

We took Avery to her friend Lily's birthday party on Saturday afternoon, but I think Avery was a little confused as to why she couldn't open all the presents. :) 

After the party we met up with my parents and brother for my (late) birthday dinner at Red Hot and Blue. It was our first time to eat there, and while I wouldn't get the coleslaw again, the food was really good (especially the bread)!

After church we had lunch at Subway with the young families Sunday School class and then came home to nap. We were tired after a week of lazing around the house! 

We woke up just in time to make it to some Super Bowl parties: Matt to the one with a bunch of men from church and Avery and me to the one with some moms and their kiddos. Avery and I only stayed until halftime and then came home so she could go to bed.

Matt had to go back to work today after an 8-day vacation, and Avery and I are officially back in our weekday routine. Speaking of that sweet girl, I think she's awake from her nap. Have a great week!

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Anonymous said...

The giveaway is a great idea for the community.