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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Today is Wednesday.

Yesterday I got up at the atrocious hour of 5:45 (in the morning!) so I could go judge a speech meet up in Rockwall. My mom would be taking Avery to Mother's Day Out, so I had already gotten her clothes, bag, and lunch all ready to go. I felt like a working mom all over again, not getting back until dinner time and completely worn out by the time I did get home. (Props to you ladies who do this all the time; it's a completely different type of exhaustion!) While the extra money was nice, I was thrilled to be back in stay-at-home mode today. We didn't make it to Bible study this morning (I'm actually thinking about giving up BSF and just doing my own; that's another blog post), but I had a couple of errands to run and wanted to get caught up from my day "off" yesterday.

Avery had other plans though because after a very pleasant wake-up and breakfast time, she threw one of the biggest whiny tantrum I've ever seen from her, so it was almost impossible to get out the door (much less bear the thought of taking her in public). So much for being glad to be home, right? Kidding. Anyway, I'm thinking she's getting some more molars because after some Tylenol and lots of hugs/cuddling, we were able to get loaded up in the car (albeit much later than intended) and on our way to Costco and the post office. Of course my precious angel fell asleep a few minutes into the car ride (poor baby!), and I couldn't stand to wake her up (come on, she was snoring), so we had a little impromptu naptime in the Costco parking lot.

We also got a bonus lunch with Whitney and Pearson who were out at the same time, and fortunately after her little snooze, Avery was much better. She's even sleeping again now, so all is not lost.

Side note: there are two things I will probably never remember how to do in the kitchen. 1) How to cook rice, and 2) how long to boil a chicken breast. I feel like I'm constantly Googling both of those simple tasks and getting annoyed with myself for not remembering them! Ugh, cooking fail.

We're getting our new (well, scratch and dent super-deal) computer tomorrow! I'm very thankful that we saved as much as we did when I was working. It came in handy this month. :)

And now while Little Miss is asleep, I'm off to tackle a few sewing projects I've been procrastinating on. Hopefully I'll post them soon!

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