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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hello, Mr. Sunshine!

Ah, after two weeks of ridiculously cold weather (for Texas anyway), it seems spring has made an early appearance! Let's just hope it decides to hang out for awhile because it. is. awesome.

After watching me pick up dog poop yesterday afternoon, Avery decided to be a big helper and start filling the poop bucket with grass. (Don't worry, we washed our hands very well afterward.)

Even though the deck is mostly shaded in the afternoons, Little Miss insists on using the umbrella. She was entertained for a good 45 minutes just dumping the sand between containers. Not to mention that she refused to be bothered enough to look at the camera and smile for a picture!

Running, running everywhere!     


Anonymous said...

Yay for you but bummer for us because the cold blew this way. It's super windy out and supposed to rain all week. Glad she kept busy for such a long time. Need to practice before baby comes. =p

Jessica said...

And so cute to see her showing off her new skirt! Nice work on the second one, by the way. Ruffles are a pain. :)