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Monday, December 6, 2010

15 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights
How Far Along: 15 weeks
Size of baby: About 4 inches long, the size of an apple
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Lost 2 pounds since my first appt. at six weeks (there's something to be said about chasing a toddler around all day; I had already gained 5 lbs at this point with Avery, although [for what it's worth] now I'm at the same weight as I was with her at this point)
Maternity Clothes: Don't need them yet! I have worn a couple of my long-sleeved maternity tees because they were the color I needed and you can't even tell they're maternity. Does that count?
Gender: We find out on our anniversary (December 30)!
Movement: I might've felt the baby move on Sunday night, but I can't really tell
Sleep: I'm sleeping okay for now (I'm definitely not big enough yet to be uncomfortable; I know I'll get there though!)
What I miss: Coca-cola (I'm doing everything in my power to avoid kidney stones this time around), the option to drink Chuy's margaritas, and speaking of Chuys, I miss Mexican food (I have a huge aversion to it right now!)
Cravings: I could survive on fried mozzarella cheese sticks at this point
Symptoms: The morning sickness is much better, but I'm still pretty tired
Best Moment this week: Hearing a strong heartbeat on Thursday

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