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Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekend Update

Well happy Monday! It's 8 am and Avery's still asleep. I should be using this time to get ready for the day and be productive while I'm not interrupted by my little shadow, but alas, I procrastinate.

After a relatively uneventful Friday night, in which Avery and I went to the high school to hang out with Matt during the all-city children's choir he had to help with, we loved our Saturday.

We started out morning with yardwork; Matt got started mowing while I bundled up Avery and myself in preparation for the frigid weather that was sure to greet us 65 degree gorgeous day. What? In December? Avery was a great helper, and we managed to get the yard mowed and weeds pulled from the flower bed and sprayed in the yard.

I went to the ladies' Christmas luncheon at church while Matt planned on taking Avery to run a few errands. He got a little taste of my life when Avery changed his plans by requiring a nap before lunch. They never made it out.

When I came home from the lunch, I took Avery to Emma's birthday party while Matt went to help reset the church sanctuary for Sunday. Emma (my friend Kari's daughter) was celebrating her 4th birthday, so Avery was much younger than the other kids, but after a clingy beginning, she had a blast playing dress up with the other girls.

I had to drag Avery away from the party, but we needed to get home to spend the rest of the day with Daddy. We had a spontaneous family date night, and despite the riskiness of staying out past Avery's bedtime, we had a blast. We started out with dinner at Cotton Patch (random, we never go there, but it was really good) before we did some Christmas shopping. Avery hit her limit at around 8 pm, so she got to test out some beds at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

After we made it home, Matt went on a police ride with my on-duty brother who was getting off his shift "early" (aka 2 am). I ended up staying awake until Matt got home, and of course I had to listen to all the stories of their exciting adventures. :)

So we had to manage Sunday on 3.5 hours of sleep, but fortunately, it was a relatively easy day.

And now I hear a very awake little girl, who I'm sure is hungry and wants to play. Have a great week!

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