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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thanks, Sarah!

Well after my little embroidery shout out to my friend Sarah, I got a fun little surprise yesterday! Matt came home with a gift to Avery from Sarah herself. It was a pink turtleneck embroidered with a cute little stocking. I love it and am so impressed that she's able to make such cool things! We were going to Matt's choir concert that evening, so I changed her outfit immediately so she could model it for the masses. 

Not so happy about getting her picture taken again.


Okay, fine, but only if you take it with me!

"Reading" her current favorite book. You will rock my face off if you can tell me which book that is.

Entertaining herself during the concert

Great job, Daddy!


Allison said...

There's a Monster at the End of This Book! it today...(;

Brooklynn said...

yes! That's the name of it! I had that book when I was little (but it stayed at my grandparents) and could not remember!

Your daughter is so adorable by the way!