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Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Five: Project List

I've never been an extraordinarily creative person; I prefer to be given instructions and rules to follow when I start a new project. Then I work really hard do a  good job with said project. 

That said, I've had a figurative creative itch as of late. I keep seeing all these super cute boutique-y things (things I want to buy for Avery [and baby #2 if it's a girl] and friends who are having babies). The problem with super cute boutique-y things is that they cost a pretty penny. Well, much more than a penny if we want to be literal. Every time I see these adorable creations, I 1) look at the price tag and try not to gasp audibly as I politely set it back where it came from and 2) say to myself, "I could totally make that."

The problem is that I don't. Actually make those things, that is. So today's Friday Five is my list of projects to either learn or pick back up.

1. Crocheting: My roommates and I taught ourselves how to crochet in college. I started on a really pretty red blanket. That was in 2004. It's still sitting in a basket only halfway complete. Granted, I did actually finish some scarves (and I'm pretty sure none of them have ever been worn by their recipients, hmm). I want to 1) finish the red blanket and 2) learn to make hats and flowers (for layering with clips).

2. Sewing/Embroidery: I know I've mentioned more than once on my blog that I want to learn how to sew. I've been begging people (ahem, Mom) to teach me, but I just need someone to tell me when they actually can! I definitely told my mom that her Christmas present to me can be sewing lessons. :) I'm totally serious. Anyway, I really just want to start with like making simple bags or blankets or burp cloths or something. Or even just how to turn on a sewing machine would be a good start. And my friend Sarah got a fancy schmancy embroidery machine that I would be totally jealous of if I ever got to see it (or her for that matter!)  in person.

Etsy seller: gingersnappz
3. Bow making: This one might be the easiest for me start with if I want to get my crafty groove going. Avery finally stopped ripping bows out of her hair, so I'm ready to pick up her collection (that I had to halt about a year ago). I just can't bring myself to pay $4 a pop.

Etsy seller: accessoriesunltd
4. Blog design: I want a super cute blog like my friend Brooke and my wannabe friend Jessica from LoveFromTexas. Complete with pretty fonts and fancy buttons. I started looking at some tutorials last night, but the html was blowing my mind after a long day. I might end up just forking out the cash, but if I could learn how to do it myself, then I don't have to keep the same one forever, haha. So far I've figured out how to semi-customize a banner from The Cutest Blog on the Block. I have some work to do.

5. Scrapbooking: Okay, so I already know how to scrapbook. And I've improved dramatically from my humble 15-year-old beginnings. In fact, I'm pretty confident in my ability to throw together a fancy layout. I just need to actually sit down and do it. My original goal was to finish Avery's first year done by her first birthday. I'm up to month 3. She's 17 months old now. So my new goal is to finish her first year before we have baby #2. I've got until the end of May.

And after searching for pictures and tutorials, I now have a new favorite crafty blog: Little Birdie Secrets. It's AWESOME. If you're looking for any other tutorials (crafty or not), you have to check out Matt's favorite website, Instructables.

I'm going to be busy for awhile...


joyceandnorm said...

I so wish I was crafty. Yes, those boutique-y things are so expensive.
1. Crocheting: My grandma is the master knitter/crochetter, but alas I haven't knitted in decade(s) due to lack of knitted needles? =p I just know how to knit scarves. ;)
2. Sewing/Embroidery: Okay, tell me how sad this mom used to be a seamstress but I don't know how to sew. Maybe just simple sew-the-button-back-on and a pillow but that's it. I wish I could use a sewing machine. Maybe one day our moms will teach us.
3. Bow making: So many cute things!!
4. Blog design: Love all the cool designs out there but I never know what to do so we keep it simple around here.
5. Scrapbooking: I have never done 'real' scrapbooking before, but I have done digital which is the same but different.

Brooklynn said...

Love the new profile!!! Very creative! And oh. so. cute.

Sarah said...

I am so sorry I haven't gotten back with you about the sewing! I found one drawback on the Brother SE400. Turns out 4"x4" is the largest area you can embroider. $8 and one super cute but totally useless 5"x7" file later, I know this to be true. Thanks for the shout out! Love the new blog design.