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Friday, December 3, 2010

17 Month Update

Avery is 17 months old today! I just love seeing her little personality develop; she's becoming quite the character!

Sweet Avery, here's what you're up to these days:
  • You're becoming more and more independent every day, and one of your favorite words is still "no." It's hard to get mad when you tell us "no" though because you say it so sweetly! When we tell you no, you've started hitting your head in frustration (sometimes after first taking a swing at whoever's around you). I know it's how you're learning to express your anger, but we're working on expressing it in acceptable ways. :)
  • You talk all the time when we're at home, but when we're out around other people, you usually take a little while to warm up. Your vocabulary is still just exploding; you know almost all body parts now, and I can't even think of all the words you're saying these days because there are just too many! You've recently learned the word "buckle" and say it every time you sit in your car seat or high chair; you stretch it out into two words, and it's just the cutest thing.
  • You absolutely love to dance. If there's music playing (or even if there's not!), you are just boogie-ing away! You used to just "dance" by tilting your head left and right, but now you shake and get your arms going and just have yourself a good old time. We love it! Last week at church when Daddy was getting ready to play guitar for the kids, you turned on the CD player, and when "Hallelu, Hallelu" came on, you just raised your arms and went crazy! You still seem to love that song.
  • Every time we're at the store, people love to talk to you. They always ask me if you're two and then act completely surprised when they find out you're not even one and a half. I'm not ready for you to be two yet!
  • You do all sorts of "tricks" now, including "standing" on your head. You think it's the most fun thing!

  • You're such a big helper already! You love to help clean up your toys and books, and you love to call Nutmeg to come inside. You just yelled and yelled for her today when she was playing outside. You heard Daddy say, "Meg!" so you just started repeating, "Meggy! Meggy! Meggy!" I was cracking up!

I know I say this a lot, but we just love to watch you grow and discover new things. We love how silly you are when you hunch your shoulders and pretend laugh ("hehehe, hahaha") and how sweet your are when you give us hugs and kisses. You bring so much joy and laughter to our home, and we love you very much!

Mommy and Daddy

1 comment:

joyceandnorm said...

So much fun!!

E's thing is shaking her head like crazy saying 'no no no no no' but it's the cutest thing ever! Same thing here, not in a defiant way either.

The shoulder hunch cute. E walks around hunched like an old lady. =p

A sounds like such a sweetheart. Our girls would definitely get along.