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Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Five

1. If you missed it earlier this week, we got the house decorated for Christmas! We're not doing outside lights this year though because, honestly, our icicle lights just made our electric bill skyrocket (in addition to the added expense of running a heater). So when given the choice between Christmas lights outside the house or a heater turned on inside, I chose warmth.

2. I totally rocked out my kitchen last night. Well, for me anyway. I cooked dinner without a recipe (which is huge considering my culinary abilities); we had angel hair pasta (I obviously don't need a recipe for that) and an alfredo sauce with chicken, mushrooms, and spinach. It was so very yummy, even Avery agreed! She ate every last bite and still wanted more after seconds. The girl can eat. And then I made gingersnaps, which are just cruel because you put in all that work and then you can't even bake them until they chill overnight. On the agenda today: bake said gingersnap dough and try not to eat all 5 dozen cookies.

3. Avery is 17 months old today! I already posted her update today, so you'll have to read it if you want to see some serious cuteness.

4. I had my 14 week OB appointment yesterday, and it was pretty uneventful. The most exciting part was finding out that I gained less than a pound over Thanksgiving. What?!? I don't care, I'll take it. The baby's heartbeat was strong (actually, listening to the heartbeat was the most exciting part), and my ultrasound-happy doctor offered to let the sonographer try to determine the gender. Normally I would've taken him up on it, but 1) Matt wasn't there and 2) when they did an ultrasound at my 14 week visit with Avery, they told me she was a boy. I politely declined and said I'd wait until my next appointment. So...we find out boy or girl on December 30 (our anniversary, coincidentally)!

5. This weekend should be relatively tame. Tonight Matt is directing/singing at the All-City Children's Choir concert, so Avery and I are going to join him. Then tomorrow we're doing yard work (our yard is out of control, sorry Brooke and Whitney!) before I go to the ladies' luncheon at church and then to Emma's birthday party with Avery. All we have on Sunday (besides church) is choir practice, so I'm thinking naps are in order. Ahhh, naps.

I hope your week was great and that your weekend will be even better!


joyceandnorm said...

1. Melody really wants to do lights this year, but not sure if I like living in a cold house either. That's why we drive around every single day after Thanksgiving looking at Christmas lights and decorations at other people's homes. =p It's pretty fun too.

2. Yum!

3. Will head over to the post after this. =p

4. Happy early anni!

5. Naps!!! Have a great weekend.

One More Equals Four said...

Good job on the recipeless meal...sounds like you did good! Hope the gingersnaps work out well, I have never made them homemade before.

Glad everything went well at your OB appointment, won't it be fun next month finding out the exciting! Have a great week!