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Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend Rundown

  • Lazy day at home
  • Church choir party in the evening
  • Breakfast with Santa
  • Lunch at Wendy's (due to an assumed overcrowding at our favorite eatery, Chick-fil-a)
  • Avery naptime with Daddy at home; shopping/errand running for Mommy
  • Spinach cheddar quiche for dinner (my new favorite meal) 
  • Matt running concessions for the Vocal Majority concert at the high school
  • Craft time for Heather after Avery went to bed
  • Church (Christmas at Grace)
  • Mediterranean pasta for lunch, courtesy of Carlos and Kendra; joined by Nick and Brittany
  • Sewing lesson for Heather (thanks, Kendra!) 
  • Chili cookoff and dessert auction at church

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