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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Little Miss Avery wants to help with everything these days.

She helps empty the dishwasher (after all knives have been removed). She even tells me the name of each item she hands me. So far we have fork, spoon, plate, bowl, cup, "cook" (for measuring cups) and "coffee" (for mug; guess Daddy's been drinking lots of coffee these days, haha!).

She helps me push the grocery basket. However, this little "help" is making our shopping a whole lot more work for me.

She helps Daddy unwrap the Hershey Kisses for Christmas treats. She was so focused on her task, and she did a really good job. I was so impressed!

She also helps pick up her toys, load the dryer, and cook.

And while her assistance usually makes my job slower and harder, I love her servant's heart and newfound independence. Let's just hope she always wants to help this much. :)


Anonymous said...

So cute! I love our little helpers. They're growing up so fast. But yes, it does take more time to get anything done with the extra "help".

Corrianna {SouthernMother} said...

Okay, I just had to tell you how this has blessed me Heather! I had lost sight of how special it is that James wants to "help" and do everything he can himself. I got caught up in trying to do things quickly and lost all my patience with him!
Thanks for writing this. I needed to hear it!